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Embodied Boundaries and Conscious Consent for you and your patient

Starting with the topics of voice and speaking your truth, we’ll go on to consider assertiveness. Power dynamics, personal space, culture, marginalization, intention, humor, and forgiveness in setting and maintaining professional boundaries. Finally we will consider how trauma can alter a person’s ability to hold clear boundaries, or give real consent, and we will learn some quick and effective tools to model and encourage embodied consent with our patients.  


Treating the Anterior Thorax and Breast Massage

 This course will approach working in this area within the scope of Therapeutic massage.Treating the anterior ribcage with competency, confidence and professionalism is something that can be incorporated into treatment plans for clients when indicated. As Massage Therapists, we have the possibility to bring awareness and connection to this sensitive area of the body for many people. 


Guasha Therapy

Guasha therapy is traditionally a modality used by practitioners of Chinese medicine. It is used to clear blockages of ‘chi’ in specific energy pathways of the body. Guasha is becoming more mainstream in the past few years and the tools and practices are included in many types of healing treatments. This course will be dealing with the practical applications of guasha as myofascial work, and how to integrate guasha into a massage treatment.

Courses available


The Fascial Feel

Gabrielle Roth, the creator of 5 rhythms dance once said, “Just set people in motion and they will heal themselves.” This idea of movement as being a healing force in our body is not new. I believe many of the ancient systems of health and vitality, such as yoga or qigong, are based on this idea of sensing the inner movements the body wants to make and following that wisdom.  Being a tissue that is everywhere in the body, fascia has a unique opportunity to help us create a somatic sense of self. Dialoguing with our own fascial system creates this connection with our innermost being in a way that allows us to heal, feel pleasure and experience intimacy. This course will give you skills to be able to feel and work with the fascial system in both yourself and with your clients.


Intro to massage and MFR for touch professionals

 This course will help you:

-learn how to incorporate more hands on work into your sessions with clients.

- feel more confident with your bodywork skills and learn new techniques

- experience the power of myofascial release and improve your palpation skills

- please note this course does not certify you in any bodywork modality, it is an introduction to using touch and bodywork skills in your practice. You must have a licence to touch in order to offer these techniques professionally.


Sacred Spaces

This course is based on the John F Barnes style of myofascial release, and will offer professionals the opportunity to deepen their touch skills and sensitivity as well as expand their competency with myofascial release. 

What gets in the way? An embodied exploration of restrictions - fascial, energetic, emotional or psychological - that restrict our energy and freedom of movement.

Who are you, as a practitioner, and as a person, really? Touching in on your unique integrity as a human being, and your potential to offer what you choose to yourself, clients, partners, community or the world. Through experiential voice work, qi gong and energy meditations and exercises, and hands on fascial techniques and unwinding. Find true healing and congruence for your own body, and discover your true potential as a hands on practitioner. 

all courses taught by Ailsa Keppie BSc, RMT, SSE, MFR therapist

Ailsa works as an RMT and Somatic therapist in Nova Scotia and is in her 10th year of practice. She has taken post graduate training in myofascial release, Somatic psychotherapy, Intimacy and Somatic Sex Education, ethics and boundaries as well as being mentored in Guasha therapy by an OMD. Providing the knowledge and skills necessary for RMT’s and other health professionals to offer safe and therapeutic work is an important goal for Ailsa.  

Upcoming classes and workshops in 2021

  • February 6/7 - Guasha therapy online (12 hours)
  • February 20/21 - Embodied Boundaries and Conscious Consent online (14 hours)
  • March 20-23 - The Fascial Feel online (16 hours total)
  • April 17/18 - Guasha therapy in Halifax (12 hours)
  • May 1/2 - Anterior thorax and Breast Massage (12 hours) in Halifax
  • May 15/16 - Embodied Boundaries and Conscious Consent (14 hours) in Halifax
  • July 16-18 - The Fascial Feel (16 hours) in the Annapolis Valley, NS
  • Schedule for Fall courses TBD depending on travel restrictions and gatherings possible with Covid

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